Frequently Asked Questions

Who is EcoCycle?

EcoCycle is a Malaysia registered company that operates technology informative platform to provide efficient connection between business to consumer in recycle industry.

How Does EcoCycle work?

  1. Everyone who interested to do recycle shall register as member of EcoCycle.
  2. Once the person has register as EcoCycle member, he/she can start do the segregation of the recyclable waste.
  3. EcoCycle will notify the member on the collection location and date via email or SMS.
  4. Upon collection, EcoCycle's collector will inspect the recyclable waste, non-recyclable waste will not be accept.
  5. EcoCycle's collector will be weighing your recyclable waste and will be record it into the system using their mobile device.
  6. The member will be verify the collected recyclable waste by login their credential on collector's mobile device.
  7. The collection summary will be maintained in EcoCycle system and points will be calculated and deposited into member's account.
  8. Members can starts check or redeem the points by logging into EcoCycle website membership page, he/she can also donate their points to the charity organisation that can be selected in the membership system.

What are recyclable waste we collect?

Member can check the list of recyclable waste that EcoCycle collect in the website:

How would I know the recyclable waste collection location and date/time.

Once you have registered as member, we will update the collection information through sms to your mobile phone, or through email, or you may also check the collection information through our website:

How do I identify the collector is from EcoCycle?

You may identify the EcoCycle collector from below 3 ways:

  1. Authorise collector should be able to show you their "EcoCycle Digital Certificate" on their mobile device.
  2. Search collector's details like EcoCycle Digital Id, Name, lorry plate no. on member's login.
  3. Call up EcoCycle service centre to check.

Kindly inform us via if you met an illegal EcoCycle's collector.

How can I join as member? Is there any member fees?

As long as you are 18 years old and above, you can register as member at Membership is FREE.

Do I have to renew membership annually?

No. Membership is life time as long as the member is active and adhere to the terms and conditions stated in

Can I have more than one membership?

No. Each individual is only allowed to apply for one membership.

How do I keep track of my points transactions?

All the points transactions will be maintained in our system. You may check all the details by log in to our website - membership page.

Can I transfer my membership points to other's account?

No, you are not allowed to transfer membership points to other's account.

Non-active membership.

Membership will be closed if the member does not have any transaction in the account for more than 12 months.

My personal details has changed, how do I notify EcoCycle?

Log in to member pages, and proceed to "Account" page, click "Save" after you have update your details.

How do I earn points?

You earn points every time you send in your recycle items to EcoCycle's authorise collector. Points rewarded is according to the types and weight of items you recycled.

Why does points awarded is different among the items?

Different item has different recycle value. EcoCycle reward the points according to the types and weight of items that member sent to us.

How can I redeem my membership points?

You may redeem the membership points according to the products/voucher listed in "Redeem Points" in your membership page. EcoCycle will arrange the delivery of the redeemed items according to the information provided by the member.

How do I know how much points I have collected?

You may view the recycle and points summary at your membership log in page.

Is there any expiry date to my membership points?

No. There is no expiry date on the membership points as long as the membership is still valid.

What can I do if there is any dispute on the points transactions?

You may log in to our membership page, and proceed to "Feedback" to provide the information related to the dispute. All dispute related to the points transactions shall be notify to EcoCycle within Seven (7) calendar days.

How do I make donation through my point system?

You need to log in to the membership page, and proceed to "Browse Catalogue" and select Category "Charity Donation".

Which are the charity organisation that I can donate my money to?

You can check the latest charity organisation list in membership page, category "Charity Donation".

Can I trust EcoCycle that my donation will go to the charity?

Yes, all the charity organisations listed in our system have agreed to collaborate with EcoCycle. We can assure you that your donations will be securely transferred to your preferred organisations.

How much can I donate?

You may choose to donate fixed denomination listed in our system, as long as your points is enough for that redemption.

How long does it take for my money to be transferred to the organisation?

The organisations will receive your donations within 1 month.

Do you take any fee from the donations?

No, EcoCyle does not charge any fees on the donations.

Can I get tax exemption from the donations I made?

Yes, you can request for an official receipts from the organisation you donated to file for tax exemption.